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OH MY ENGLISH!! Season 2

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Oh My English is coming BAAACCCKK !!
Now with the new ACTRESS and i think is DOUBLE AWESOME...
It’s the start of a new term at SMK Ayer Dalam and Mr. Henry Middleton has changed his mind about returning to the UK. He decides to remain in Malaysia
so he can continue to teach the students of 3 Merah and learn more about the country which he now calls home.With their favourite teacher, Mr. Middleton, by their side, 3 Merah are looking forward to lots of exciting adventures in the new term. Find out what happens when new teachers Cikgu Malik (Aaron Aziz) and Cikgu Ayu (Tiz Zaqyah), as well as new students Azlan (Syafie Naswip) and Hani (Iezahdiyana), join the school!

The English Teacher
Played by: Zain Saidin

Henry Middleton is a friendly 27 year-old English teacher who arrives from the UK to teach at SMK Ayer Dalam. His father is English and his mother is Malaysian, but he hasn’t lived in Malaysia since he was 6! He is highly optimistic, has a passion for teaching and enjoys new challenges. It’s not going to be easy handling the students of ‘Kelas 3 Merah’ - but he is willing to try!

The Bahasa Melayu Teacher
Played by: Tiz Zaqyah

Everybody’s favourite sweetheart, Cikgu Ayu, is the new Bahasa Melayu teacher at SMK Ayer Dalam. She is a gentle and soft-spoken lady who is passionate about teaching and cares deeply about her students. She is brilliant at Bahasa Melayu but lacks confidence in English.

The Physical Education Teacher
Played by: Aaron Aziz

Fit and tough to the core, Cikgu Malik is a teacher who takes Physical Education very seriously. He also coaches the school football team, so much so that he believes that the ability to play sports is more important than being book smart!


The Lovable Headmistress
Played by: Adibah Noor

Pn. Hajar is the Headmistress of SMK Ayer Dalam. She believes that good education does not come from textbooks alone and encourages her students to develop a genuine love for learning. She is also wise and calm, making her someone who is easily loved by all!


The Deputy Headmaster

Played by: Harun Salim Bachik

As the Deputy Headmaster of SMK Ayer Dalam, En. Mohd Salleh is not only strict and fierce towards the kids at the school, but some of the teachers too! He also has big dreams of becoming the school’s next Headmaster. His motto? “Don’t think too much, nanti jadi gila!” Clearly, his English isn’t quite as good as he thinks it is.


The Janitor

Played by: Os

Abang Sham is no regular school janitor. He is an inspiring figure who secretly wants to learn English. He regrets not learning it while he was still in school, but understands that it is never too late to learn – no matter how embarrassed he is about it due to his age!


The Businessman
Played by: Roax Tan

The son of a ‘kedai runcit’ owner, See Yew Soon has everything it takes to become a young businessman. He sees opportunities to sell things all the time! Whatever you need, he’s got it; if he doesn’t have it, you probably don’t need it. His favourite phrase? “Mesti boleh dapat punye eh!”


The Joker
Played by: Akhmal Nazri

Jibam (whose real name is actually Jamil) is the clown of the class. A natural klutz, he is always tripping over things and falling down. Jibam also looks up to Shafiq and follows him wherever he goes. His dream is to become a comedian like the guys on ‘Raja Lawak’ – but his jokes always fall flat!


The Footballer
Played by: Aedy Ashraf
Shafiq is your typical “eat, sleep and dream football” kind of boy. He loves football so much that he dreams of becoming a ‘Harimau Muda’ and playing for the Malaysian national team! That, however, doesn’t stop him from going after Azlin, the belle of SMK Ayer Dalam.


The Princess

Played by: Izara Aishah
Azlin, or ‘Lynn’ as she calls herself, is definitely the prettiest girl in school. She may be an over-the-top attention seeker, but she is actually really insecure about herself. Azlin dreams of going into show business and becoming a superstar!

The Gossip King

Played by: Zhafir Muzani
Maz is best friends with Azlin. He is funny, sarcastic and always has something to say! He is also a gossip lover and a fashion guru, which makes him really popular with the girls – though he gets bullied at school. His favourite phrase? “OMG!”


The Rebel

Played by: Syafie Naswip
Azlan is new to SMK Ayer Dalam. He is moody, intimidating and can be disrespectful to other students and sometimes the teachers, too! He has a tendency to bully his classmates to hide his own insecurities and lacks confidence in English.


The Daredevil

Played by: Iezahdiyana
Hani is a diligent student who is fairly confident in English. She has a bubbly, positive and gutsy personality - and will stand up for what she believes is right. Unfortunately, she can be over-enthusiastic at times!


The Forgetful Girl

Played by: Kaameshaa Ravindran
Everyone looks forward to seeing Anusha! That’s because she carries a tiffin carrier to school every day - and it usually contains really yummy food. She may be a little forgetful, but her bubbly and caring personality definitely makes up for it!

The Bully

Played by: Amer Sharrif
Farouk is a bully. He may seem like a nice kid in front of the teachers, but he’s macho, arrogant and doesn’t treat his fellow students well. He picks on Mazlee the most as he is always with Azlin – the girl he secretly likes!

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